The best Chinese-learning app for students of all levels!
AreTalk is committed to providing an easy, effective and affordable way of learning Chinese. Our modern approach brings language-learning into the 21st Century.
Our state-of-the-art app, suitable for all devices, gives our students the opportunity to interact with native Chinese-speaking teachers, offering an immersive learning environment.
  • Live video lessons
  • Progressive learning at a range of difficulty levels
  • Interactive collaboration tools
  • Audio stories
  • Create your own after-school language club and start to teach Chinese today - from just £30 per session!
    Teaching children Chinese in and out of school,Aretalk connect school children in the uk with teachers in China.
    AreTalk 的老师都很专业,上课的时候也都在鼓励学生发言,积极说中文,这点我觉得对于语言学习很重要。—— Paul。
    我非常喜欢这种简单的学习方式,在线学习,不需要总去学校了,感觉很适合上班族。—— Linda
    A range of educational features
    Live Video
    Learn to speak Chinese with LIVE video lessons, direct from China
    Collaborate with students and teachers using online tools
    Instant Chat
    Text based chat features to talk directly with the teacher
    Radio Stories
    Extend your learning outside of the school walls with radio stories
    Upon registration you will get two classcard free of charge
    Aretalk works on all devices including PC, iOS and Android. Install today!