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Sanbao Education Technology Co., Ltd. was established in London in February 2015. It is dedicated to the global online learn Chinese education, the development and publication of Chinese textbooks, the development and operation of Internet software, and the promotion of Chinese traditional culture. The company is located in the Phoenix House, Royal Greenwich, London, in the south of Thames River, on the other side of the Canary Wharf and the new London Financial City. It is a three story Italian style two grade British National antiquities protection building, with a total of 2500 square meters with the largest Chinese bookstore and panoramic art exhibition. At the same time, with the desire to make the whole world learn Chinese, Aretalk, together with the Phoenix home in London, has also worked together to establish the "Chinese cultural experience center" project, providing a chance for learning Chinese Chinese enthusiasts to show Chinese traditional culture and enhance understanding of Chinese and Chinese.

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    Global online Chinese education brand


  • 092016

    Subsidiary company Dalian China
  • 102016

    European Chinese culture education promotion foundation strategic partner


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    Member of Chamber of Commerce London、Members of the London and partners Ltd
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    Phoenix Publishing and Media strategic partner
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    UK public and private schools Mandarin courses provider
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    You tube Chinese education curriculum channel provider


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    Dalian overseas association Chinese education station
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    Obtain seed round investment
Mandarin is a bridge to the world
In addition to mainland China, Mandarin is widely spoken in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau (Macao), Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines etc. More than 1.3 billion people in the world speak mandarin, of which 845 million are native speakers. This means by learning Chinese, and you can open the door to 13% of the world's population. Aretalk make your dream comes true.

How it work

Students register their very own Aretalk account by filling out a simple form
2:Recorded Lesson
Students select a pre-recorded lesson of their choice
3:Live Lesson
OR students can select a live lesson with a qualified teacher direct from China

跟随 AreTalk 学好 普通话

Recorded Lessons

We understand that some people have tight schedules, or that you'd rather just build up your confidence before going head first into a live lesson. With Aretalk, we have hundreds of pre recorded lessons so that you can learn where you want, whenever you want!

Live Lessons

Aretalk brings the classroom to you with Live Lessons direct from China. With a maximum of 3 students per class and the option of 1 to 1 tuition, this is the closest you'll get to being in a real classroom.

Radio Stories

Extend your learning outside of the school walls with our radio stories! Whether it's before you go to bed, or whilst you're eating breakfast. Our radio stories help you learn whatever the time.

Instant chat with teachers

Finished a lesson but you're unsure about something? Just drop your teacher a question! Just like a teacher in your own school, they're always happy to help.

Follow AreTalk to learn Chinese

Chinese Phonics
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Consists of 16 classes
  • Includes 45 pinyin (phonics) words
  • Includes 200 Chinese characters
  • Combines photographs with text to help students quickly recognise and read Chinese
Aretalk comprehensive teaching materials
  • Research and development of Aretalk team
  • Threshold, Elmentary, Upper elementary
  • Follow the rules of language acquisition, Immersion teaching model, i + 1 of Krashen theory
  • Cultivating students’ interest in learning
HSK Exam
  • Research and development of Aretalk team
  • Level 1-6 course materials
  • Students preparing for HSK exam
  • Follow the principle of “integration of examination and education”, education through examinations, learning through examinations
Illustrated Story Books
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Encourages spoken Chinese
  • Uses lively and fun story books
  • Wide range of books
  • Animals,numbers,colors,directions,shapes,and common sense of life
GCSE Chinese
  • For students
  • Spoken and written topics include: sports and leisure, tourism, transportation, commerce, work and employment, media and culture
  • Listening and reading topics include: the local area, customer service and deals, future plans, education and work
BCT Chinese
  • Aimed at business learners with busy schedules
  • Published by the People's Education Press
  • 5 volumes and 100 hours class time
  • On completion students will understand more than 5700 Chinese words and improved their communication skills in business Chinese
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