Present you with the most perfect Chinese learning system
Learn Chinese and go to success. The AreTalk Chinese online course covers basic Pinyin, Chinese characters, basic dialogues, YCT and business Chinese, and sets up a corresponding course plan for various Chinese learners of different bases. At the same time, we will also test the students in Chinese and choose the appropriate learn Chinese course according to the level of the corresponding language energy level.
Children need fundamentally different classed outcomes
to learn Mandarin as a 1st or 2nd language for the best learing Chinese
In aretalk we have different materials for them
or the 1st of Chinese language learner,increaseing the depth of expression
For the 2nd of Chinese language learner,developing an interest,having a basic foundtion
International team
Aretalk combined with the United States, Britain, Australia, the Americas, Southeast Asia, China and other educational research teams, together to create a unique ecological Chinese teaching system.
Aretalk enhances the ability and enthusiasm of overseas students to learn Chinese, and achieves self-confidence and fluency in Chinese.